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Zengarra was a bestial demon from the same species as Byakko "The White Tiger".  He was a powerful martial artist

Vital statistics
Title Zengarra "The Brutal"
Gender Male
Race Demon
Faction Team Zengarra
Health (He's dead.....)
Level D-Class demon
Status Deceased
Location Unknown
who fought in the Dark Tournament but was slain by Milran.  


Zengarra was the most powerful demon of the Dark Tournament who made it to the finals where he would fight Milran, who had struggled his way to the end of the tournament.  Milran was no match for Zengarra and he was beaten down badly, but in the end, Milran sold his soul for power so he could defeat Zengarra.  Eventually, the new and powerful Milran was superior to Zengarra and he killed him, he then began to eat his body.  The transformation had not only turned Milran into a more powerful fighter but had also made him into an animalistic, bloodthirsty villain. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Super Strength

Enhanced Endurance

Can control Spirit Energy

Spirit Fang  -  An attack where he charges spirit energy in his fangs and bites his enemy, it is so powerful it can bite through steel. 

Spirit Claw - An attack where he charges spirit energy in his claws and slashes his enemy. 

Spirit Kick

Spirit Ball

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