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This the tale of Takeshi, Echo, and Teru.

The story so far Edit

Under Construction

Stories Edit

Reintro and Ice arc Edit

Description: Takeshi the wandering swordsman finds companionship with his new pupil, Teru. But they aren't given a long time to prepare before they must face the deadly demon Echo in battle.

Twilight Beast arc Edit

Will be typed later.

Steel and Poison Arc (Filler) Edit

Description: Echo journies to do some solo training in preparation for the Dark Tournament, but stumbles upon a mysterious swamp that leads to a deathmatch in a cyborg infested cavern.

Dark Tournament Arc Edit

Description: Echo, Takeshi, Teru, Doku, and Nome all compose the fighting team of Hakumei, a team determined to win the Dark Tournament for thier own invividual reasons. But they soon learn that winning is more than stepping from point A to B.

The Society Arc Edit

Description: The mighty Nome leads Taekshi and Teru to the home of the Society, his self-proclaimed paradise and hope for the salvation of the universe. Along the way, new alliances are formed and the largest group of heroes to date join forces to extinguish the forces of purity in a tale that changes the lives of everyone involved forever.

Plot outline still in proto-typical form

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