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The Sacred Society of The Higher Demon, or "The Society" for short, is an organization composed of demons imbedded with sacred energy.

Background Edit

Years ago, the Dark Torunament committee funded and experiment to take average demons and gentically alter their life energy with purified spirit energy, erasing their former memories in the purifcation process and creating new, mind-less, super race. The committee's engineers and scientists attempted to contain the race's thoughts and emotions with a surgically implanted crystal, laser imbedded with spells to cosntantly trance their nervous system into a dormant state. Eventually the crystals themselves were purified, now encoded with the core of the sacred energies and becoming weapons for the race, able to contain the energy in massive amounts and exhort it in any shape. The race, now free, soon discovered their abilities and under the influence of the pure energy, were plagued with thoughts of superiority and a dream of a perfect sacred, society. They destroyed the lab and all of it's scientists, taking refuge in an ancient city that was built like a labyrinth, easily twice as large as the human city of Manhattan. From their they command their disciples, promising them purification in return for servitude.

Purpose Edit

The society wishes to achieve universal peace by extermiantign the human and demon race, leaving only their "perfection" to reign supreme. To do this, they need to achieve their sacred crystals, which hold encoding and the power to harness unlimited sacred energy. The committee has scattered these around the demon plane, now using them to create an inpenetrable barrier around the city. Thank to their disciples, all but one has been disabled.

Members Edit

The Sacred Seven Edit

Officers Edit

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