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Hitomi Kurosaki





  • Martial Arts
  • Yoki


Personality Edit

Hitomi is a shy person who, like her brother, loves to fight but at the same time hates to be hit. She also cries easily, and usually hides behind her brother. Like her brother she tries to blend in with humans, and doesn't try to hunt them. She also has great respect for her brother and elder's.

Abilities Edit

Hitomi is a very powerful half-demon, though due to her age she can;t control her power's very well, and usually relies on her brother to help her out.

  • Sonic Scream: When Hitomi get's upset or mad (which happens alot due to her age) she screams out sound waves and yoki and which can prove very effective in a fight.
  • Mouth Beam: Similar to her sonic scream but can be used even when she isn't upset, and this is a blast of full yoki energy, and depending on Hitomi's mood it can be devastatingly powerful, or just average.