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Akito Urameshi is the son of Yusuke and Keiko in the future.  Like his father, he is a tough guy who likes to

Akito Urameshi
Vital statistics
Title Member of Team Urameshi
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Team Urameshi
Health (To be added)
Level S-Class Human
Status Alive
Location Yusuke's hometown, Sarayashiki Junior High
fight a lot and he has also participated in Makai Tournaments.  He was also trained by Genkai.  However, Keiko does not want Akito to skip school like his father so she gives him lectures and makes him study hard.  He is fifteen years old and is currently in the 8th grade.  He has armored forms similar to Sensui.


Akito has straight, brown hair like his mother and brown eyes.  He is usually seen wearing a grey sweatshirt and either jeans or black sweatpant but at Tournaments he wears black gloves, a buttoned white shirt, black pants, and tennis shoes.  He was skinny until his training with Genkai and he gained muscle, he only has a slight build though.  


Akito can be very lazy at times and he likes to drink Coca-Cola and listen to rock music on his Ipod.  He doesn't like being lectured by his mother and he hates school, in some aspects he is similar to his father when he was young.  He likes to pick fights with kids and can be short tempered at times but he tries to avoid fighting because it would make Keiko lecture him more. 

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

Knows basic martial arts

Skilled with a sword                                         

Halo Knight form

Knows grappling and judo  

Spirit Gun


Energy Punch

Halo Knight Form

Magma Knight Form

Black Mage Form

Gallery Edit

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