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Ahatake Kurosaki
Ahatake Kurosaki





  • Martial Arts
  • Swordsmanship
  • Yoki


Personality Edit

Ahatake is a laid back, cheerful kid, who just likes to fight. Unusual for most demons, he doesn't hunt humans, except on the quarter moon. It is unknown why but then he develops a taste for humans. At all other times he tries to blend in with humans, he goes to school, and acts as human as possible. When he's on the demon plane however he deliberately seeks out strong opponents just to test his strength.

Abilities Edit

Ahatake is unnaturally strong for a half-demon, and possesses a considerable amount of youki (demonic energy) which he can use for various purposes.

  • Energy Whip: Using his demonic energy, Ahatake can create a whip that can be used for attacking, blocking or as a tether.
  • Energy Ball: By adding yoki to his hands and moving them in a swirling motion he creates a ball of yoki that can be launched.
  • Energy Blast: By extending his hand, he can fire a blast of red demonic energy of varying strength at his opponent.
  • Spirit Gun (霊丸, Reigan): Ahatake later discovered that he possesses the ability to use Reiki as well as Yoki and it manifests in the form of his Reigun. His limit is five shots a day.
  • Demon Gun (妖丸, Yōgan): A far stringer version of the Reigun, used when Ahatake uses Yoki instead of Reiki. Unlike his Reigun, the Yōgan can be fired as long as he has energy to spare.

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